2021 - Iteration 12
Iteration 12 - mothermother , 2022

Evolving over a three-week period, this work explores feminal life essence through a material-based practice. Installed as an alternating back and forth between each artist, this woman-to-woman exchange provides a reciprocal affect and a resonating response.
Allowing the work to build and form over time acts as a conceptual manifestation of life as a continuous process of formation.  Gathering, assembling and connecting, human and non-human, material and non-material underscore the relational nature and cyclical pulse of life. 
As a maker, this process-based practice is experienced as being elemental in the universal flow of energy/life force/mauri that breathes life into the material world.  In contending life as having no beginning, no end and no separation from the physical and non-physical world, the material calls for our ongoing responsibility because it holds the potential for life.